“I’m Not Afraid To Die For Speaking The Truth Like Afande Kirumira.” Ronald Mayinja Barks.

Ronald Mayinja has been resounding on social media after he embarrassed the president by performing his ‘Bizeemu’ song during Catherine Kusasira’s concert at Kampala Serena Hotel. Consequently, he has appeared on several... Read more »

“I Won’t Forgive Ronald Mayinja For What He Did.” Catherine Kusasira Rants

Catherine Kusasira is still very angry with fellow Golden Band’s member for spoiling her music concert, and she has advised Ronald Mayinja to think about taking his politics to his own staged... Read more »

“Stop Telling Me To Dress Like Your Kadongo Kamu Artists, My Boobs Are Still Firm!” Spice Diana Blasts Her Fans.

Several female artistes are rising beyond their fears and fighting back for the case of living comfortably in their fashion, style, and lifestyles, without being judged by their fans, or the public... Read more »

“Send Me Money Or Else I’m Going To Kill You.” ‘General’ Threatens Jose Chameleone.

Ever since he joined politics Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Jose Chameleone has enjoyed a fair share of both the good and bad side of the so-called ‘dirty game’ politics, as it is said.... Read more »

“I Will Rape Zuena When You Are Watching, And Then Kill You.” ADF Rebel Threatens Bebe Cool.

Unidentified man is threatening to cause harm to Bebe Cool’s mother and to rape Zuena Kirema, as a way of punishing Bebe Cool for supporting NRM and President Museveni. Bebe Cool has... Read more »

“Dating Sheilah Gashumba Is The Worst Mistake I’ve Ever Made!” Fik Fameica Rants.

Fik Fameika says his relationship with Sheilah Gashumba only happened because he was young. He insinuates that it was a mistake. And that he would perhaps have done better. Defiant Sheilah dumped... Read more »


By: Shifrah Kayaga: Kino ndowooza kyebayita sente okuzifuna nezitandika nokuyitaba nga oziyisse. Sk mbuga AKOMYEEWO MU kibugga ella nga amasanyu go manji nadala elli abawala ba slayer wamu NEMIKWAANO jja mbuga. Kinajukilwa... Read more »

Maureen Nantume And MC Mariachi Deported And Banned From USA.

Band musician Maureen Nantume  and local comedian MC Mariachi have been deported from the United States, due to lack of work permits that allow them to perform in the states as artists.... Read more »

Fresh Kid Panics, After 14K Bwongo Leaves DeTexas Management.

Renown eight-year-old rapper Patrick Ssenyonjo alias Fresh Kid’s career seems to be in big trouble after his official songwriter 14K Bwongo called it quits at the De Texas Entertainment, due to financial... Read more »

“I’m Back To Business Like A Mafia!” SK Mbuga Roars.

With the first breath of fresh air upon stepping on Ugandan soil after over a year in Dubai and Sweden prisons, tycoon SK Mbuga caused commotion on Entebbe road, letting Ugandans know... Read more »