“I have slept with more than 180 prostitutes in 4 years, are these the signs of HIV?”

Please Doctors In The House Help, Are These Signs And Symptoms Of HIV? On 23rd of last month i went to a brothel met a dark chubby girl and took her in, we had sex with condom on and also kissed like 6minutes wet kisses, then after am done i came out and took in another one, this one is tall and fair.
She gave me head for like a minute + to two minutes i had some tiny sores on my dick though, she then wore me a condom before sex. Then same day i went back again, i told the first girl (the dark and chubby one) we had sex with condom on and wet kisses for like 3 minutes, i then withdrew my mouth because her silava and lips are smelling with enough cigarette, then i was done and took in another one a dark tall one,

we just had normal sex and notice i started visiting prostitutes this is the first time am kissing one and also receiving head from one, i must admit here that i have slept with more than 180 prostitutes totally in 4 years time since i started having sex, although condom has busted about 5times but i always detected it immediately, except one which i didn’t knew that it has busted and i was going for about 3 minutes before i knew what was going on, i was very high though i guess that was why.

Now back to the symptoms am experiencing, i got a sore like those of malaria sores with blisters at the right side of my mouth then some days later they form a dey sore and i peeled them off.
After then about 3 – 5 days later i started having body weakness every evening for about 3 days then it has suddenly development to fever that is coming every evening accompanied with uncontrollable Shivering, cold, headache, serious night sweat that i have never had before, mild body temperature and dizziness, those are all the symptoms am currently experiencing from the past 5 days now and it normally comes every evening, one thing i also noticed is that immediately i took some drugs all the symptoms with disappeared within a space of 1 – 2 hours till the next evening, it will then re-appear.
I have already promised God Almighty that already promised God Almighty that i will never and ever engage in anything sex till i married and i vowed with my life. And nothing can change it, it’s been 9days clear now and i have not had anything sex or even the thought of it. Am planning going for an hiv text on Monday which is tomorrow and am very afraid now.


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