Will You Marry Me? 5 Tips on How to Receive Yes

A Marriage proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Therefore, it is pretty obvious that you will be nervous before popping up the special question. Do not forget that this moment is very important in the life of every girl and woman, they dream for it from childhood. The greatest you can do is to choose the right location, make this minute the warmest in your relationships.

Moreover, It may help you to increase the chances of getting the cherished “yes”. You should be creative with the choice of a “special” place to ask “special” question. We will share with you 5 different ideas which you can choose from when it comes to proposing your partner for marriage.

1. Propose at a memorable place

The best option which you have got to pop such a question is to choose a place which is memorable to you both. There can be quite a few options like:

Venue of the 1st kiss

Venue of the 1st date

The venue where you two met for the first time

At your partner’s favourite place in the city

You should prefer a memorable place for you two, to a glamorous one. This will hold emotional value for you and your partner. During the period in which you have been together, you might have come across a lot of such places. You have to just think a bit and you will be able to find the place quite easily.

With the emotional value attached to that place, you can certainly expect your partner to be more inclined towards saying “yes” and making it a unique event.

2. Propose around a circle of friends

Also, your friends can, of course, help you out with the arrangements as well. With so many helping hands, it will become easier for you to organise everything perfectly.

Additionally, when your partner finally says “yes”, you will be among your friends to share the joy. The venue can be your home or a restaurant or even a park (depends on your imagination).

The most valuable thing is that your mutual friends are around in order to celebrate the occasion. It will surely become even more memorable for you both with all of your close ones being present during this moment.

3. Propose at an unusual location

If you want to opt for out of the box proposal ideas, you should definitely choose an unusual place. You might have to travel a bit in order to find the perfect location but it will certainly make your partner understand how serious you are about the relationship.

Some of the options include:

Going on a boat trip

Going on a safari

Going on a trek to propose at the top of the mountain

Proposing in a plane

Proposing on the beach

These options are certainly out of the ordinary which will help you in making the event individual and romantic.

4. Propose on a foreign trip

Most of the couples have at least one country in their bucket list which they want to visit. Thus, you will know your partner’s favourite destination as well.

All you need to do is just to plan your trip to that country/island/city and choose one of the best restaurants there with the help of restaurant reservation app and propose there. With the help of such a software, it may become easier for you to make all the arrangements in a jiffy.

The best restaurant in town will certainly add to the excitement when coupled with the foreign trip. Thus, it will surely be a proposal which will stand out from the rest.

5. Propose while giving a massage

You can choose between the different massage types as per the preference of your partner.

You just need to leave out the left hand until the last. When you finally massage the left hand, you can slip the ring onto the finger of your partner. This proposal idea is not only romantic but has an element of surprise as well.

Moreover, since it will be only you two during the massage, it is actually a romantic and intimate proposal as well. You can even keep some wine on the ice, before the massage in order to celebrate the special occasion. If you do it right, you can easily get much more than just a yes.

Thus, if you’re planning to pop that special question to your partner, rather than doing so in a plain vanilla fashion, simply use the 5 tips which we have highlighted above.

With the help of these five ideas, you can not only receive yes but also make the entire event much more memorable for yourself as well as for your partner. Most of these ideas do not require a lot of preparation to execute. It is just about going the extra mile in order to make your partner feel special and loved.


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