Uganda cricket players face deportation

Two Ugandan cricket players are in the country on expired visitor visas, Immigration New Zealand has confirmed. Faruk Ochimi, 18, and Raymond Otim, 27, couldn’t be found when their cricket team was due to leave New Zealand on January 30, following the ICC World Cup qualifiers.

The men disappeared in Whakatane where the Uganda Cricket team was based during the qualifying tournament. Bay of Plenty Police say they haven’t been asked for help yet, but will work on instruction from the Immigration Service.

The two players were issued visitor visas which expired on Saturday. So far the men have made no contact with Immigration New Zealand, which is advising they leave the country voluntarily to avoid deportation charges.

According to immigration laws, people who stay in New Zealand longer than their visa allows are unlawfully in the country and are under a legal obligation to leave.

They have 42 days to appeal to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal after first becoming unlawful.


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