Vip Jemo: Stop Comparing Me To Fik Fameica, Because I’m Better Than Him.

Local rapper Kasozi Batende James a.k.a Vip Jemo is not happy with people who have made it a norm of comparing him to fellow rapper Fik Fameica all the time He reveals that they are both good artistes with unique aspects to their art which makes them different from each other.x

The rapper declines the common talk that he intentionally recruited Fik Fameica’s former manager Kama Ivien and replaced the ‘Kutama’ singer who bitterly parted ways with Kama last year.

People might think that I joined Kama Ivien’s management to replace Fik but that’s just because we are both rappers. I only joined because I was also looking for a way through, just like any other artiste beginning a career.” Vip Jemo

He refused to be compared to Fik Fameica because he believes he is very different from him in many ways, contrary to what people say that he copies his voice, music style, fashion and design.


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