Sheebah: We Need To Work Together As Artists, Whether Male Or Female.

Musically speaking, the year has been totally rough and tough for Team No Sleep singer Sheebah Karungi. Not even the collaboration songs she made can bail her out. Because they weren’t that good. We’re in the final quarter of the year and her back seems pinned against the wall as her music career continues to face cruel times. For breathing space, the self-styled Swagg Mama has called upon fellow artists to take care of each other.


The Sweet Sensation singer made a plea to fellow artists requesting that they should start having each other’s back even without necessarily being friends. She also advised not to always hesitate on calling one another during tough moments. Sheebah’s pleas come at a time when her music is not enjoying airplay as compared to previous years.

“To My Fellow Artists: We Need To Start Taking Care Of Each Other. We Can Have Each Others Back Without Being Friends. This Industry Can Be Cruel Sometimes & Only A Fellow Artist Would Understand. So Don’t Hesitate To Call That One Artist You Trust Whenever You Need Help Or Just To Rant.” she stated.


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