Maureen Nantume And MC Mariachi Deported And Banned From USA.

Band musician Maureen Nantume  and local comedian MC Mariachi have been deported from the United States, due to lack of work permits that allow them to perform in the states as artists.

Maureen and Mariachi had gone to USA to perform on 29th September (Today) but they were stopped at Logan airport, and deported after authorities learnt about their gig, yet they have no work permits.

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Their deportation is for 10 years and they can try again after that period.

This show was organized by Juliet Zawedde but fronted Muvawala to promote it because is more popular. She also organized the Bobiwine show which was cancelled by Bobi Wine . These two follow Rema Namakula who was deported some years back for failure to have a work permit too.

Juliet had told them to tell authorities that they were going to attend a birthday, not to perform because they don’t have working permits, and had received visiting visas. However Nantuume told officers how she’s an artist and had gone to perform yet she has no working permit, something that affected MC Mariachi, yet for he had been cleared already.

In desperate moves, Juliet Zawedde is now in talks with Desire Luzinda and Eddie Kenzo to perform instead, though revelers are totally not comfortable with it.


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