“I Will Rape Zuena When You Are Watching, And Then Kill You.” ADF Rebel Threatens Bebe Cool.

Unidentified man is threatening to cause harm to Bebe Cool’s mother and to rape Zuena Kirema, as a way of punishing Bebe Cool for supporting NRM and President Museveni.

Bebe Cool has for many years acclaimed his love and undying support for the regime leaded by the president of Uganda H.E Yoweri K. Museveni, something that pisses off some people to the maximum, in that now they are threatening to harm, and his family if he doesn’t stop.

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The Gagamel Boss has continuously advocated for the causes of the National Resistance Movement and it seems to have won him several enemies, some of whom vow to cause harm.

The ex-Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel has been sending Bebe Cool threats online and on his personal WhatsApp number.

Bebe Cool exposed the matter on his Facebook, where he shared screenshots of the conversations in which the rebel threatened to find Bebe Cool’s mother and make her suffer.

The screenshots also show the man saying that he will make Bebe Cool watch him as he forcefully sleeps with his beloved wife Zuena.

Bebe Cool believes that this is being done to end his support for the NRM and he vows to stop at nothing, not even losing his mother, in support of the regime.

“Threatening me won’t work. My mother is over 70 and she has seen it all. You causing harm to her wont make me support your ideas/cause. Uganda’s opposition supporters think they will threaten their way to leadership, wish you luck.

This man is an ex ADF rebel in UGANDA who got asylum in Ireland, now sending threats to a Ugandan mother. You are so weak to a level that you now resorting to threatening women and children. Fine, go on with your mission but remember teli gwebajja kubajamu mbawo.” he posted.


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