“Send Me Money Or Else I’m Going To Kill You.” ‘General’ Threatens Jose Chameleone.

Ever since he joined politics Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Jose Chameleone has enjoyed a fair share of both the good and bad side of the so-called ‘dirty game’ politics, as it is said.

A yet to be identified person claiming to be a General in the army, using a local Ugandan contact, has been sending threats to the Leone Island Music Empire CEO, asking him for ransom money, or pay with his life.

The screenshots shared by the singer show conversations of the person sending threats asking for different sums of money; Shs 5M and Shs 8M, from Chameleone.

Chameleone through his social media platforms revealed that he was being threatened to send the money or be killed by the yet to be identified person.

“I have been receiving threats from this person calling himself General. I first received a message on the 10th September at 6:16pm where they demanded for 5,000,000 Shillings or I get killed. I ignored the requests and just again today at 9:17pm they are back asking me to send mobile money of 8,000,000 shillings.

I already made my police reports and hope the Uganda Police and security can apprehend such goons that are getting at large. We have had a lot of killings and I am not carrying this lightly. Whosoever is behind this, the public and authority is now aware.This phone is registered with the names JENIFER MANIRADUHA so our dear telecom MTN, please you can also assist on this. As for you who’s sending me threats, am ready. Come anytime you wish.This comes at around the same time when Bebe Cool has exposed a person he believes to be former ADF rebel who has been sending threatening to harm his mother and wife over politics.” he posted.


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