“Stop Telling Me To Dress Like Your Kadongo Kamu Artists, My Boobs Are Still Firm!” Spice Diana Blasts Her Fans.

Several female artistes are rising beyond their fears and fighting back for the case of living comfortably in their fashion, style, and lifestyles, without being judged by their fans, or the public eye.

Just like Winnie Nwagi, Spice Diana has also emphasized that she is a young woman with a good body and aware of what kind of music she does, hence dressing the way she wants, irrespective of what people say.

The Source Management artiste, through her social media platforms, called out all those that want to dictate what she wears whilst describing her fashion sense as indecent.

Spice recently initiated the ‘Pants Down Challenge’ in which one pushes their trousers down the ankles to show the undergarments and she has received so much criticism for the trend.

The ‘Bajikona’ singer advises that everybody should wear clothes in which they feel comfortable because there are several types of designs which were made for the different people.

Stop telling me to dress like your Kadongo Kamu artists. I am who I am, & my breasts are still firm. I like my “Bukette”, so if you don’t like them, tubere bakakamu, buli omu asigale mu team ye. If you can’t support me the way I am, that means you are a fake fan, my true fans respect my decisions. If you are not pleased with my dressing kindly unfollow, don’t stress me! she posted.


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