How these 3 fruits helped my husband last longer in bed and the herbal leaf that cured the problem

A middle aged married man, has revealed how fruits/food have restored his 9 years old marriage that was at the verge of breaking on the ground of weak erection/premature ejaculation.
The man who suffered weak erection/premature ejaculation for 10 years said the abnormality was simply corrected by just fruits/food intake. During the period of his weak erection and other sexual dysfunction, Awube said he was unable to satisfy his wife sexually and as a result the angried woman filed a suit seeking for marriage divorce in Court as she could no longer bear the situation.
According to the man, the marriage was restored when he became a strong man on bed after taking the prescribed fruits/food and an herbal capsule to correct his weak erection/premature ejaculation. Today the marriage is fruitful and multiplied according to the commandment of God (…be fruitful and multiply….”) as the abnormalities are being corrected.
The same woman who filed a suit for divorce for lack of sexual satisfaction now complains of her husband taking too much time on her in bed. Perhaps, she will still file another suit for divorce because the man now last longer and hard on her in bed. Not only that the fruits/food corrected the man’s weak erection/premature ejaculation sexual challenges but his manhood is also being enlarged and longer to satisfy any woman in bed.