Here Are Five ways To Have A Permanently Healthy P.enis

This is a positive sign. Finding some useful tips on how to improve p.enis health naturally can teach you a great deal, make you a lot happier and make the ladies that you meet a lot happier. We all want frequent e.rections, harder erections and increased desire with a good ability to last as long as possible in bed. You can achieve all of that and improve your p.enis size too. Below are the guidelines and tips for maintaining good

p.enis health.


1. Boost t.estosterone


The first priority for you to improve p.enis health is to increase your t.estosterone levels. T.estosterone is the main male s.exual h0rmone. Levels of this h0rmone start to decrease in men approximtely after the age of 30 years old.

For some men, decreasing t.estosterone levels leads to weaker e.rections and a lack of desire. Boosting t.estosterone should be your priority to improve p.enis health and e.rection quality

2. Delaying E.jaculation

If you want to maintain a healthy p.enis then your e.jaculation habits should be optimal. Having optimal e.jaculation is important not only for e.jaculation control and lasting longer in bed, but also for maintaining good blood circulation in the p.enis and for improving natural free t.estosterone levels.

Make it a priority never to e.jaculate too fast and not too often. You obviously have to e.jaculate sometimes, but try to keep your power in and not give in to desire every time you feel like m.asturbating.

3. Eat Healthy S.ex Drive Food

There are a certain number of foods that are beneficial for male s.ex drive. Eating these foods will cause your libido to benefit just as taking certain vitamins does.

However, what really benefits the libido is staying in shape by avoiding foods that are bad for you and concentrating on those which will keep your blood circulation good (important for strong e.rections), your fat levels low and your body clean from toxins which can slow them down.

5. Reduce alcohol and smoking

As you probably know, smoking is very bad for male libido, especially as it reduces the blood vessels’ ability to transport the blood throughout your p.enile area.

Your hard e.rections depend on sufficient amounts of blood reaching the chambers of the p.enis and for this to happen, blood circulation must be efficient.

E.rections do not improve with heavy, regular drinking either. While some alcohol consumption is fine, too much is bad and can lower t.estosterone. Avoid drinking too much for and cut down or quit smoking for a healthy p.enis.